My search for tea

Pretty much my whole life I have loved tea. My grandmother used to have tea for my grandfather for a lot f his meals so I feel that is where my love for tea comes from. My grandmother was my “daycare” when my parents went back to work before I started school so I was with her a lot. A lot of the things that I love to bake or sew or eat are from that time in my life.

As I got older I didn’t lose my love for sweet tea. However, I found it harder and harder to recreate the tea that my grandmother made. It just never tasted the same as hers even though it was the same recipe. I use the word recipe loosely because my grandmother, and I am sure yours too, nothing was really written down. It was a little of this and a little of that. So it has always been a guessing game.

I was on a mission to either find a tea that I could buy or make a tea myself that I enjoyed as much as I did my grandmother’s tea. I tried a lot of store bought teas, extra sweet, kinda sweet, not sweet with my own sugar, black, flavored, and even green.  I thought if I couldn’t find my grandmother’s tea exactly I could at least find one I liked almost as much.  Nothing store bought really stacked up.

I then tried to make my own.  I tried all the different tea bags out there and believe it or not, there is a difference.  My grandmother always used Red Rose tea (probably because it came with a little porcelain figurine which she collects).  Red Rose tea and Lipton were the 2 closest to hers.  After that it totally trial and error for the sugar amount, tea bag amount, water/ice amount, duration of steeping, and baking soda usage.

After about 3 years of trying different teas, making them different ways, buying pretty much all the teas that are in the store, I finally figured out THE recipe!!! I was so happy I finally figured it out I made a video. Watch!

Try it, drink it, LOVE it!


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