Cinder Block Bench

For our back yard play area I wanted to have a place to sit and watch the kids.  However, I didn’t want to spend a lot of moola on it.  Having done and liked the cinder block bench for my fire pit, I thought that it would be easy and cheap. I looked at a bunch of pictures on Pinterest and decided on the layout and copied it. I went to Lowe’s and got 10 double blocks, 4 single blocks, and 5 6ft 4x4s.  I set it up just like the Pinterest picture.

Now it was time for the construction adhesive as I didn’t want to fall backwards when i leaned back  Ready for a laugh?  I bought the first construction adhesive I saw, BIG mistake  I should have paid more attention to how big the tube was.  So once home, I tried to put this massive tube of adhesive in this itty bitty caulking gun.  It was like trying to squeeze a sumo wrestler into a tube top – not happening.  So, I look around the my garage of misfit tools, I see that we have 7…count them…7 car snow brushes. No one will notice if one is gone  “DING”  I’ll use the handle of one of them to push the adhesive out.  BRILLIANT I think to myself.  Wow was I wrong. My first push with my brilliant idea leads to stuff all over the place.  Luckily, I am next to the blocks so I can just let the goo go all over the top of the blocks.  I glue all blocks making up the back to the blocks making up the seat.   Then, in my stupid moment of the day, I grab the handle of brush.  OOO NOOOO!!!!  OMG!!! In a moment of panic I think to myself, “It’s construction adhesive, it is meant to be outside and hold up in the rain…it is NOT water soluble so soap and water won’t work.” As I run in side I am yelling to my husband to help me.  I am sure with the panic in my voice he must have thought I was on fire.  After using my bff Google, I figured out that Vaseline helps. As I’m washing my hands with Vaseline for the 8th time that night, I think through all of the ways I should have got the adhesive out.  PS…all would have turned out better. It was literally stuck on my hands for about a week.  Let my stupidity be your warning…DON’T TOUCH CONSTRUCTION ADHESIVE.

Anywho – back to the bench.  I slide my 4x4s into the holes the cinder blocks made and stood back to make sure it all looked right.  It all looked right, but it looked kind of sad.  This was going to be in a kid’s area, it should be fun.  What could I do to make it fun?  ooooo…paint it!  I knew that I have a lot of paint left over from painting around the house.  Now, I know what you are thinking.  She is about to commit a mortal sin by using indoor pain outside.  She is going to ruin all the work that she just did.  And to you I say…pffft!  I am not going to go out and spend $50 on 1 can of paint when the WHOLE bench didn’t cost that much. After 2 hard rains and a hail storm…still looks good!0620171405

I think that it looks rather fun!!!  It’s a kids play area after all, it shouldn’t be boring.

I had a piece of 3/4″ plywood left over from the remodeling of our kitchen so I screwed it in on top of the wood so my butt doesn’t fall between the wood.  I got a couple of cushions on sale at Target and…voila…a bench.  It’s really comfortable, it cost about $55 (25 for the cushions and 30 for the actual bench), and most of all – it was easy to do!0629171620_HDR


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