Garden Harvest Recipes

For the past few years we have done a garden.  You can see the first year and how I built my raised garden bed here..  Really the only year that we have missed is when Connor was born.  His birthday is 4/29 so that whole summer I thought I should figure out how to be a mom instead of tending to plants.  The first year we were drowning in cherry tomatoes.  We couldn’t even keep up with picking them.  Take it from someone that has been there, unless you are having bruschetta every other day, only get 1 cherry tomato plant.  I was literally putting them in everything I could think of that summer.

The other things that we really had a lot of was zucchini and squash.  The first few that we grew we let grow WAY to big.  If you have either of these in your garden, pick them when they are normal size.  Don’t wait until they could win 1st prize at the local fair.  As squash and zucchini get bigger, so do their seeds.  When they are really big, the seeds tend to get bitter and aren’t really that good.  So heed my warning, bigger isn’t always better 🙂  Since we had these ginormous zucchinis, I was trying to find something to make with them that didn’t use the seeds.  I finally decided on these zucchini canoes.  You can watch how I make there below.

veggie pasta recipe

The other recipe that I use all summer long is a veggie pasta salad.  It’s done by seasoning and roasting veggies in the oven and mixing it with pasta.  Revolutionary, I know, but its really yummy. My husband takes this for lunch multiple times a summer and even into the fall as I still have some stuff left over/frozen. Here is how I make it.

veggie pasta recipe

We have tried a lot of different fruits and veggies over time and some things worked great and somethings were a total bust.  Here is a list of things that worked great for us year after year and things that were a #failCapture

There is an * by watermelons because we are trying them again this year.  I think that we failed because I had the wrong expectations.  I was thinking that they were going to get like the ones you see in the stores.  In reality they are smaller, about the size of your fist – a personal watermelon.  I will keep you updated to let you know how they went.


Do you have a favorite garden recipe.  If you do, put it in the comments below!



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